Bed Alarm Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Bed Alarms

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What is the main purpose of a Bed Alarm?

The bed alarm is designed specifically to alert a caregiver that a patient (or family member) is exiting from their bed.  In doing so, the caregiver can attend to the patient/family member to make certain they exit safely - and reduce the risk of a fall.

How does the alarm know when the person is exiting from their bed?

A weight sensitive pad is placed under the bed sheet of the family member or the patient.  When weight/pressure is removed from the pad as the person rises from the bed, the pad sends a signal (wireless or corded depending on the alarm) to the alarm within a second or two.  

How far away can the alarm be from the bed pad

The range of the alarm varies - depending on the alarm selected.  Our most popular alarm (433-EC) has a range of 300 feet.  Others have a shorter range (30-50 feet) but include additional features.  A corded alarm - if preferred - must be attached physically to the bed pad via wire and can only be 6 feet from the pad.

Can the alarm connect to other devices?

Yes.  The 433-EC Alarm can connect to 6 other devices.  Chair Pad, Nurse Call Button, Reset Button, Floor Mat and more.

Can the alarm be moved from room to room?

Yes.  Alarms can be battery powered - or, you can use an optional AC Adapter.  When on battery power, you can move the alarm anywhere within the range of the alarm.

Is the bed pad and alarm hard to set-up?

No.  It is very simple.  There are just a few steps and the instructions are printed directly on the pad.  In most cases, we set-up the the system before we ship to you.

Is the pad waterproof?

The pad is moisture proof but cannot be submerged in water.  You can wipe the pad with a cleaning solution but should not be submerged.

How big is the bed pad?

There are two sizes:  10 X 30 inches and 20 X 30 inches.  

How often does the pad need to be replaced?

Most of our pads include a 1 year warranty.  That does not mean that the pad must be replaced after 1 year.  In most cases, the pads last several years depending on use.

Does the alarm have to be replaced when I replace the bed pad?

No.  The new pad can be connected to your existing alarm

How Loud is the Alarm

Most of our alarms have a volume control.  This allows you to set the volume to your preference.  Additionally, the alarm uses a tone - not a loud horn sound.

When the alarm is plugged into the wall power using the optional AC Adapter, does it re-charge the batteries?

No.  The alarm does not use re-chargeable  batteries



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