Bed Alarm

Bed Alarm

Bed exit alarms are useful devices that can provide many benefits for individuals who are at risk of falling or wandering out of bed, such as those with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or other cognitive impairments. By using a bed exit alarm, individuals or their caregivers can receive a prompt notification when the individual attempts to leave the bed, allowing them to provide assistance or supervision as needed. This can help to prevent falls, injuries, or other accidents that can result from unsupervised wandering or confusion. Bed exit alarms can also provide peace of mind for caregivers, knowing that they will be notified if the individual leaves the bed and can respond quickly to ensure their safety. Additionally, using a bed exit alarm can help individuals maintain their independence and freedom of movement while still ensuring their safety and well-being.

There are two categories of bed pad systems:  Cordless and Corded.  The Cordless systems offer the flexibility to place the alarm in any room in the home or facility (within 300 feet of the patient).  Corded systems consist of an alarm and bed pad - and the pad is attached to the alarm with a cord (similar to a telephone cord).  Because the corded system are connected via the cord, the alarm must be in the same room as the bed pad

Among the benefits of the cordless systems is the capability to accept other wireless devices.  Our 433-EC Alarm/Monitor can accept up to 6 additional wireless connections.  They may include:  Bed Pad, Chair Pad, Nurse Call Button, Remote Reset Button, Motion Detector...and more).

Specialty alarms are also available.  The Voice Alarm allows you to record a 15 second message that will play INSTEAD of the alarm tone.  This feature is designed to offer a comforting voice to the patient rather than a tone or alarm.  This alarm (click here) works with any CORDED pad (bed pad, chair pad, floor mat).


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