If using Bed or Chair pad, how long is the pad life?

  •  It will be printed on the pad, either 45 days, 90 days or 1 year
  • If pad has been in use longer that the pad life printed on the pad, it will need to be replaced.

Is there damage to the pad/mat and transmitter?

  • Pad/mat may need to be replaced

Has the pad/mat been folded or creased?

  • Folding or creasing pads can damage the sensors inside the pad, it may need to be replaced.

Is the red status/in use light on the transmitter blinking every 15-20 seconds?

  • If the light is blinking the transmitter is in working order.
  • If the light is not blinking every 15-20 seconds this could mean a low battery.

Is the pad being used on a foam or gel cushion?

  • Gel or foam pads can cause inconsistencies in how the pad senses pressure.  The customer should test thoroughly before putting pad into use.

Has the customer tried testing the pad with a working monitor or visa versa?

  • If the pad works as it should with a different monitor it may be a problem with the monitor.
  • It the pad does not work with either monitor, it may be a problem with the pad or transmitter.

Is there a heavy quilt or blanket over the pad?

  • Heavy materials on top of a pad can prevent air from entering the pad.  This can prevent the pad from triggering the alarm.

Wireless Floor Mat NOT sending signal to alarm/Monitor

  • The Transmitter/Battery in the Floor Mat may need to be replaced (Bed Pad and Chair Pad transmitters can NOT be replaced)
  • You can order a replacement FLOOR MAT transmitter by clicking this link REPLACEMENT TRANSMITTER FOR WIRELESS FLOOR MAT