Floor Mats Alarms

Weight Sensitive Floor Mat Alarms

Weight Sensing Floor Mat alarms alerts caregiver of resident’s activities by triggering a fall monitor when resident steps onto floor mat sensor pad. Alarm will signal with as little as 1-1/2 lbs. pressure. Can be used at bedside or in doorways.  For Home Care or Care Centers.  There are two general types of Pressure sensitive floor mats:  Corded and Cordless.  Corded pads require a corded alarm.  The cord is attached to the floor mat and connects to the alarm.  Thun any other location within the range of the alarm (50 to 300 feet depending upon the model of the alarm).  s, the alarm must be in the same room as the patient.  Cordless floor mats - combined with the cordless alarm - have no cords and therefore, the alarm can be i