Bed Alarms for Seniors Cheaper than a trip to Emergency Room

Posted by Valerie on 26th Jul 2017

Bed Alarms for Seniors Cheaper than a trip to Emergency Room

Have you ever walked into your loved one’s room in the middle of the night and found them on the floor? The situation is a complete shock to your system…and even worse, a shock to theirs! If you answered yes, you may want to get a bed alarm for seniors that have trouble walking on their own.  One way to prevent the elderly from falling out of bed is to use a bed alarm.  

Basically, a bed alarm does is alert you when a person lifts their weight off the bed.  The Monitor will be triggered and the bed sensor alarm will sound.  This gives you more than enough time to respond before they make it completely out of bed.  Using bed alarms for fall prevention is a very smart idea.

Falling out of bed can be a very serious issue for the elderly. If you or I fell out of bed, we`d probably get up and shake it off. The elderly, on the other hand, can get severely injured in the process or may be stuck on the floor for hours waiting for help. Or broken bones and skin tears as the result of falling. Surprisingly, even a broken neck!

Top 6 Best Rated Bed Alarms for Seniors:

1. Wireless (Cordfree) Bed Alarm and Bed Pad/no Alarm in Patient’s Room

2. Complete Cordless Bed Exit Monitoring System In a box

3.  Basic Fall In-Room Monitor With Weight Sensing 20x30 Corded Bed Pad

4.  Economy In-Room Monitor With Chair and Bed Pad Combo

5.  Cordless Fall Monitor (TL-2100G) and 20X30 Bed Pad

Using a bed alarm for the elderly is not only a smart idea, but also a reasonable investment. We use bed alarms in our nursing home for residents that are at a risk of falling, and they help notify us when someone needs assistance. They limit the number of falls drastically.

If you’re looking for bed and chair alarms for elderly patients, you might consider buying a combo pack that includes a monitor, a bed sensor pad, and a chair pad. It could save you a little money upfront if you can see yourself using them both in the future.

Whatever fall prevention alarms you do decide to use, we recommend buying an ac adapter. Most of the alarms we listed above can be powered using batteries, but using a constant supply of electricity is more reliable than battery power. However, if the power does go out, the batteries do make a good plan b.

A bed alarm costs $50-$200, peace of mind is priceless!

Keep your loved ones safe and pick up a bed alarm for seniors!