Top Recommended Products for Memory Care Facilities

Posted by Valerie Hall on 12th Dec 2016

Top Recommended Products for Memory Care Facilities

Quiet, Simple, Anti-Wandering Solutions 

6 in 10 people with dementia will wander** Alzheimer’s Association,

We offer a host of anti-wandering and mobility monitoring solutions that are:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • DIY (Do it yourself) Meaning they do not require expensive service contracts.
  • Quiet
  • CordLess®
  • Patented

In the pages that follow you will find a variety of anti-wandering and mobility monitoring solutions ranging from caregiver pagers with exit alarm to soothing programmable voice monitors that will alert a resident with a familiar voice to anti-wandering door bar systems for memory care facilities.

Some are simple, easy to use, passive, motion sensors that send a signal to a Caregiver pager or a remote alarm like the TL-5102MP

By using one of our CordLess® floor matsyou remove the noise from the resident‘s room.

When a resident stand on a pressure sensing floor Mat a wireless signal is sent to a CordLess® Monitor TL-2100G,433-EC or a central Nurses Station, 433-CMU.

The CAREGIVER IS ALERTED Audible and visually by a nurse call station, fall prevention monitor or by pager.

Another Product well suited for Memory care is the Recordable Voice Monitor (Caregivers or family members can record a personalized message, like “Please sit tight Mrs. Jones” or a residents choice of music).

Patented Technology

CordLess® technology:
Not to be confused with wireless technology, Cordless means no cords, and therefore no tripping or entanglement hazard from loose cords near the floor or bedside. We offer a complete patented line Smart Caregiver CordLess® pressure sensing devices such as exit mat, floor mats, impact landing mats, pressure pads for beds and pressure pads for chairs. All have a built-in patented transmitter that will send a wireless signal to a quieter anti-wandering or fall prevention monitor typically placed outside a resident’s room to minimize noise disturbance for the resident and facility.

Why is this patented technology so important?

Quite often, people who suffer from dementia can become agitated by loud sounds. Smart’s patented quiet, CordLess® technology offers quieter monitoring, via an adjustable volume control that minimizes noise and disruption to a facility and its residents. With its adjustable volume, and by placing the CordLess® monitor away from the resident in the hall at its quietest setting, you can maintain safety without causing unnecessary disturbance. It also has a bright blinking raised button that offers a visual alarm to on-duty caregivers.

TamperProof™ Caregiver Key™:
With dementia patients, it is critical in that ONLY the Caregiver can reset the monitor when a resident attempts to exit. People with dementia may not be able to remember their name, but they can still figure out how to reset or disable their monitoring devices.

The caregiver key is a patented trademarked key that when placed over a designated spot on the monitor or DepartAlert™ door system will reset the monitor and stop it from alarming. This information then becomes an integral part of a caregiver’s assessment of patient mobility based on how frequently they are getting out of bed.

By keeping track of frequency how often a resident’s alarm needs to be reset, (patient mobility) a facility can more efficiently allocate limited caregiver resources to attend to those residents who are more likely to wander. By keeping track of how frequently a patient is mobile, the patented TamperProof™ caregiver key effectively helps reduce the risk of elopement. This provides valuable information for caregivers, and further aids in establishing a more cohesive risk assessment for each resident.

Motion Sensor to Pager: TL-5102MP

This is a simple, easy to use anti-wandering system that includes a wireless Infrared motion sensor that wirelessly sends a signal to a pager. The best part is that it affordable only $49.95.

WMFM1-SYS – Wireless Exit Mat System to a pager:

This system includes our weight sensing Floor Mat (FM-03), monitor (TL-2016) and pager (TL-2016P). As mentioned above, some dementia residents are frightened by loud noise. This system can be set to SILENT! Thus keeping the facility and the residents room QUIET!

How it works:
Simply plug a weight sensing floor mat into the monitor. This can be placed at the bedside or doorway for each resident that needs to be monitored. As soon as a resident steps on the weight sensing mat it will alert the caregiver via a wireless pager. This is an inexpensive solution that is perfect for private residences or any memory care or dementia facility.

It will come pre-programmed to a pager as needed. Multiple rooms/residents can be quietly monitored with one or multiple pagers. This system can also work with central monitors, pagers, cell phones, hall way emergency call lights, etc…

Smart Caregiver Corporation Anti-Wandering Solutions:

GFM1-SYS – CordLess® Anti-wandering monitor and quiet exit alarm system:

The GFM1-SYS includes our PatentedCordLess® Anti-wandering monitor, and a 24” x 48” ( Gray) floor mat with beveled edges. Because there are no cords, this patented technology eliminates any tripping hazards associated with other floor mats. When a resident attempts to exit, the caregiver will be notified by a quieter audible alarm with bright blinking light placed in the hall. Dementia patients often have a fear of floor mats as they appear to be a hole in the floor so they try to avoid, thus causing falls. The gray color of the floor mat helps to alleviate that fear. What’s more, as mentioned above, Smart’s CordLess® technology offers minimal of noise and disruption to a facility and its residents

TL-3005SYSR2 – DepartAlert™ Anti-wandering door bar system:

The key benefits are that it is easy to install; is DIY; meaning that it is plug and play and does not require a maintenance contract to install or service. And, it effectively can monitor as many residents as needed by a memory care facility. Also available with two door bars (TL-3004SYSR2)
How it works:
Simply place the door bar near any doorway that needs to be monitored. The resident wears a wristband transmitter, similar to a watch. This will trigger the door bar when the resident is near the door. As a resident approaches a door a visual and audible alert will sound alerting caregivers that a resident may be attempting to exit. These also can include door locks for high risk situations, contact switches to alert as the door is opened, wireless key pads so only a caregiver with a code can reset the alarm thus alleviating potential resident tampering. This system can also work with central monitors, pagers, cell phones, hall way emergency call lights, etc… It will come pre-programmed to a pager as needed. Multiple rooms/residents can be quietly monitored with one or multiple pagers.