Full Feature Pull String Monitor with Magnet Switch

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Pull String Monitor with Magnet Switch (TL-02)

One of the  best selling pull string/magnet bed alarm or chair alarm comes with a strap to hang on a wheelchair and a clip for mounting to a bed or chair.
This bed or chair alarm offers a  low cost alternative to a bed or chair sensor pad alarm system.
To use, place the monitor on a bed or chair and attach the string and clip to your patient's clothing, (usually on their upper-back/shoulder area).   When they lean forward to get up, the clip and string pull the magnet apart from the monitor, activating the alarm!

*If you intend to use this product in a bed,  be aware that pull string/magnet alarms work best for patients that are not overly active while sleeping or sitting in bed.

  • Alarm sounds at 95 decibels.
  • Requires one 9 volt battery (not included).

• Affordable
• Magnet alarm automatically resets when magnet is replaced
• Alarm sounds at 95 decibels
• Locking Mounting Strap -The integrated, locking mounting strap easily and securely mounts to chair backs 
• Battery operated only - 9 volt
• 1-Year limited manufacturer warranty

One year manufacturer warranty.