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In-Room Wireless Motion Sensor Monitor (TL-2700)

Stand-Alone System

Maintain effective awareness of resident' activities without the use of pressure pads and pull-string monitors.  Motion sensor can be placed at the bedside to monitor when someone gets out of bed or near a doorway to monitor when someone attempts to leave the room.

The Tl-2700 Motion Sensing Exit Alarm is extremely easy to use and install.  With a range of 30 Feet (depending on environment) this compact wireless unit alerts caregiver when a resident vacates a bed, chair or the caregivers designated area.  When the Motion Sensing Exit Alarm is triggered an alarm will immediately sound.  Exit Alarm has adjustable tones and can be turned to OFF mode.  An extendable mounting bracket (sold separately)is available to help eliminate false alarms.  The Motion Sensors comes with a 90 day warranty. 

This mini-fall monitor has a wide detecting area to report movement when the passive infrared field is interrupted.  When positioned along the bedside or doorway, the monitor will sound an alert as the resident moves through the detecting area.  Place by bed, chair or doorway to alert caregiver when resident is about to get up or leave the room.

The motion sensor alarm goes off when patient places their legs off of the bed and breaks the alarm barrier.  Unobtrusive monitoring.  Caregivers are able to maintain effective awareness of resident's activities without the use of pressure pads, floor mats or pull-string devices.  

This Exit Alarm is completely wireless operation, no hard wiring between monitor and motion sensor. This exit alarm does not require any plugs or wires.  With a horizontal range of 26 feet, a vertical range of 10 feet and battery operated the TL-2700 Motion Detector  can be placed most anywhere in the residents room where caregivers would like to be notified of movement.

The Stand Alone Motion Sensor alarm has an 80-90 decibel level. An optional Extendable Bracket is available for mounting the TL-2700 Motion Sensor.


  • Wireless Operation - No hard wiring between monitor and motion sensor.

  • Sound alert distance 30 ft

  • No Hard wiring required
  • Passive monitoring with a swivel bracket
  • Mount unit in the desired monitoring area such a bed chair or doorway

  • Alarm has a chime mode,off mode and an alarm mode. 90 Decibels

  • Legally acceptable for occupational noise allowance

  • Swivel-mounted Bracket

  • Takes 9V battery ..included

  • Chime alert

  • Adjustable alert volume

  • Use of bedsides, hallways and doorways

  • 90 day warranty

TL-2700 Contents:

  • Motion Sensing Exit Alarm
  • Swivel Bracket

Optional Accessories:

*IMPORTANT OPERATIONAL WARING:  This monitor will only alarm while motion is detected by the Exit Alarm.

The alarm will only sound for short period of time.  Once the alert sounds, it is important to check on the resident IMMEDIATELY.





This product is warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 Days from date of purchased. Warranty void if this product is misused, abused or punctured.