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Smart Caregiver
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CareGiver Key for Smart CareGiver Alarms and Monitors

The Caregiver Key™ does two things:

1)It makes your monitor TamperProof™. When you are using your monitor in "Reset Button Off" mode you will need to hold your caregiver key up to the red dot on the front of your monitor to reset the alarm. The reset button on the front of the monitor will be disabled in this mode. This way, residents will not be able to reset their own alarms.

2) It helps caregivers aid in Fall risk assessment. By assigning the key to one or more caregivers they can log the mobility of a resident ( how often a person at risk for falls is getting up) and determine how high of a fall risk they may be. For example Mr. Jones may get up 6 times a night. Each time he attempts to get up a caregiver is alerted by a fall monitor, pager etc. That caregiver then responds and resets the monitor using their patented caregiver key and logs the response.

Mrs. Smith on the other hand may only get up once a night and therefore be considered a lower fall risk resident.

By keeping a running log of residents and their risk assessment, facilities can staff and monitor their residents more effectively and efficiently.


Works with the following monitors:

TL-2100G      Cordless Monitor Only (for 2 Devices)

TL-2100S     Safety Auto-Reset Fall In-Room Monitor

TL2100CP Change Pad Indicator Bed/Chair Exit Alarm Monitor