Reset Button 433-RB for 433 Series Monitors

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Wireless Reset Button For 433 Multi-Channel Central Monitor System 433-RB

Wireless Reset Button for Use with 433 System - Economical and easy to use- CordLess/Wireless Allows caregivers to reset the Central Monitoring Unit remotely

The 433-RB will reset an alarming 433-CMU Economy Central Monitor that has been triggered by one or more devices. 

For example, if a 433-CMU (and 433-PDG pager, if in use) has been triggered by a sensor pad and a motion sensor simultaneously, its display will show both devices have been triggered (by number).  Caregivers may reset the Economy Central Monitor with a 433-RB, but it will reset the alert and clear from memory all currently active alerts.

Button must be programmed to a compatible alarm unit before it will function properly, (see alarm user instructions).

Comes with a lanyard and mounting tape, enabling the reset button to be worn or mounted as desired.

If multiple active alerts have been reset by the 433-RB, caregivers may still see which devices triggered recent alerts by pressing “REVIEW” button on the 433-PGD Caregiver Pager.

• Range: Up To 300 ft. 
• Comes standard with breakaway lanyard. 
• Plastic wall-mounting cradle. 
• 12-Volt/A23 battery included. 

Compatible/Use with:   

 • Wireless Multi-Channel Central Monitoring Unit: 433-CMU-40 / 433-CMU-60
• Economy CordLess® Fall Alarm: 433-EC



Warranty 90 Days from the day of purchase against manufacturer defects. Wipe clean by using disinfectant wipes or anti-bacterial cleaner.