Bed Pad Alarm Cordless Monitor 10X30 Bed Pad TL-2100G Alarm

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Bed Pad with Cordless Alarm  TL2100G with 10 x 30 Bed Pressure Sensor Pad System  

Quieter, Wireless, CordLess® Bed Alarm Pads

Remove room noise – No Cords, No Noise.  The wireless bed sensor pad from Smart Caregiver is a great product for adult family care homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and private residences. Our wireless bed pressure sensor comes with up to 1 year warranty on the bed pads and the wireless transmitter TL-2100G is included.  

When using a Wireless CordLess® Bed Alarm Sensor Pad with a Wireless CordLess® Monitor you are able to remove the alarm noise from the room creating a quiet in-room environment for the resident.  Bed Pressure sensor pad is placed under resident on the bed. When resident gets up from pad, a wireless signal is sent to the monitor setting off the bed alarm to alert caregiver. A quiet solution for bed alarms for seniors. No Cords!, No Noise in their rooms!  The  Cordless Fall Prevention Monitor may be used up to 15- 30  feet away from CordLess bed and chair sensor pads.  Monitor can support two items; Cordless pressure sensor bed/chair/or floor mat. 


  • No cords! Reduces tripping hazards and eliminates broken or tangled cords

  • Portable! Can be placed outside residents room or go with resident in wheelchair

  • Works with wireless CordLess® fall monitors TL-2100G (included)

TL-2100G Monitor 1 year warranty

• No cords between pads and monitors – reduce tripping hazards and eliminates broken or tangled pad cords
• Pad 1 / Pad 2 Status Lights:  Notifies caregiver which pad(s) is in operation
• Safety Auto-Reset™ function: Monitor will automatically reset when weight is re-applied to connected bed or chair pad.  No On/Off Switch – Unit is “Always On.” Caregiver can’t forget to turn monitor back on
• TamperProof™ Setting:  When enabled, requires use of Patented, Caregiver Key™ to reset alarm. Only the caregiver can turn monitor off alarm
• Easy to reset with a large raised button on the face of the monitor
• Low Battery & Monitor Not In Use Status Indicator Lights
• Patented Pad Signal Lost Light notification:  Audible and Visual Alerts caregiver that Wireless connection to Sensor Pad has been lost
• Fully adjustable volume control (Silent to 110 dB)
• Multiple alarm tones, Fully adjustable volume
• Raised Visual Status light enabling caregiver to see alarm from a distance
• Nurse call Port – Plugs into existing nurse call system                                                                                                  
• Built-in strain relief clip to reduce the number of broken cords from accidental or excessive pulling from resident or bed rails       
• Protective boot and hanging strap
• Wall Mount Screws and Hardware included
• Battery operated (3-AA not included) or optional AC adapter (AC-05)
• 1-Year Warranty    


1  Easy to Use Cordless TL-2100G Monitor

1  1-year warranty Cordless Weight Sensing 10x30




This product is warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchased. Warranty void if this product is misused, abused or punctured.