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Bed and Chair Alarm Combination Package

Smart Caregiver Complete Wireless Alarm System includes a Portable Cordless Monitor and 10x30 Cordless Weight Sensor Bed Pad and 10x15 Cordless Chair Pad

The  Cordless Bed/Chair Pad Alarm Monitor allows you to monitor up to six (6) wireless devices from one location and is ideal for home or facility use. This portable monitor can be placed up to 300 ft. away from residents and allows caregivers to eliminate in-room alarm noise. Monitor alerts with audible chime and bright blinking red light and comes with Low-Medium-High Volume Control. Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04EC). Battery Operated (3-C, Not Included).

The Fall Prevention Alarm 433-EC – Economy CordLess Alarm provides affordable and effective CordLess/wireless monitoring. Ideal for home or small facilities. Can also be used as a portable caregiver alert monitor in a group home environment.

The Economy CordLess Alarm is simple to use. The CordLess Fall Prevention Alarm can be mounted away from the bed, removing in room alarm noise. Patented CordLess fall prevention alarm monitors and sensor pads help to reduce entanglement and tripping hazards. Caregivers can monitor multiple devices at a central location simultaneously. This CordLess Fall Prevention Alarm works with nurse call buttons, motion sensors, and the CordLess Weight Sensing Pressure Pads and Floor Mats.

Caregivers are easily notified with bright blinking light that can be seen from a distance. The gentler chime won’t startle residents or disturb others and offers QUIETER fall prevention. Place monitor outside resident’s room for an even quieter solution.


  • Portable, Affordable and effective wireless cordless monitoring
  • Alarm emits a repeated gentle chime tone, and features volume control, (output varies between 70-80 decibels), and an on/off switch to silence the alert.
  • Easy set up and operation
  • Functions with most 433 components and CordLess pressure pads and floor mats – Up to six (6) items can be used with one alarm
  • Adjustable volume – the fall prevention alarm has a low, medium and high volume adjustment and gentle chime setting
  • Has a bright blinking light that can be easily seen down the hall
  • Low battery light
  • 1/4 inch Nurse Call Port for existing nurse call systems - NEW
  • The  433-EC Cordless Monitor can accommodate up to 6 additional components: nurse call buttons, motion sensors, standard fall alarms (with an optional 433-NCA Wireless Adapter) and the entire Cordless series of Pressure Pads and Floor Mats, Bed Sensor Pads, Chair Pads & Landing Mats, Reset Button, Door/Window Alarm & Motion Sensors.
  • Signals a Distance 300 Ft
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 x 5 in (8.9 x 3.8 x 12.7 cm) 
  • Three C batteries (not included) or optional AC Adapter  (AC-04)
  • 1 year warranty

CordLess Weight-Sensing Bed Pad:
• 10" x 30" 

CordLess Weight-Sensing Chair Pad

• 10" x 15"

• Durable, Industrial-Grade
• 1-Year Warranty

Compatible/Use with:   
 • CordLess  Bed Sensor Pad: GBT-RI/WI/45/90; 
• CordLess  Chair Sensor Pad: GCT- RI/WI/45/90;  
• CordLess Floor Sensor Mat: FMT-03C/05C/07C   
• CordLess Landing Mat: LM-01C;  
• Wireless Motion Sensor: 433-MS;  
• Wireless Nurse Call Button: 433-NC;  
• Wireless Remote Reset Button:  433-RB; 
• Wireless Door/Window Exit Alarm:  433-EXT ;  
• TL-2100 & 3100 Series Monitors with 433-NCA; 
• AC Power Adapter: AC-04 (not included).

American-Made Smart Caregiver pads are made of soft FDA approved vinyl. Pads are water resistant and the cord is reinforced at the pad for heavy-duty strain relief. Do not fold or immerse weight-sensing pads in any solution. Wipe clean by using disinfectant wipes or anti-bacterial cleaner. To minimize spreading of infections, single patient use is recommended. Pads must be replaced when the warranty period expires. We recommend that the pad be replaced after 1-year of use. 1 Year against Manufacturer Defect


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    Caring for my dad

    Posted by Elizabeth on 5th Jan 2019

    I bought this because my dad is living with me and he gets up in the middle of the night. He doesn't remember that he is not suppose to get up without my help. The alarm is portable so I can take it with me. I bought the light socket because when i go in at night it is nice to have the light on. Also I bought the reset button. I didn't think I would need it but I use it all the time. I recommend you buy the AC adapter cause it saves on the batteries. Great system. thanks!