Posted by Valerie on 26th Jul 2017

How to Use Bed Alarms for Elderly Patients

Setting up a bed alarm for home use is fairly simple and straightforward.

  • Take the sensor pad that comes with the alarm and put it on the mattress that’s being used.
  • Place a fitted bed sheet over the mattress to help keep the bed pad in place.
  • Position the pad under the hips of the user
  • Turn on fall alarm when weight is applied to sensor pad

Problems with Having a Bed Alarm for Seniors

Bed alarms aren’t always perfect. Here are a few issues you may have if you decide to buy one:

  • If your mom or dad, husband or wife, has a tendency to move a lot while in bed, the bed pad alarm may go off more than desired. If they are a good sleeper, you shouldn’t worry about this.
  • A bed alarm won`t prevent all falls, but it will certainly give you a head start.
  • The sound is annoying! Hearing the alarm go off is menacing, especially when you’re sleeping yourself, but it`s really a small price to pay to keep your family member safe.