Posted by NursingHomeAids on 5th Aug 2018

Tools for CareGivers

NursingHomeAids specializes in all aspects of elderly fall prevention products and mobility monitoring, anti-wandering and quiet facility solutions. Fall prevention products include: bed alarms for s …

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Posted by Valerie on 4th Dec 2017

We Can Help

If You Need Help....We're Here!We find that many of our customers looking for home care products are making their very first purchase of this type of product.  Because they are seeing these produ …

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Posted by Valerie on 26th Jul 2017

How to Use Bed Alarms for Elderly Patients

Setting up a bed alarm for home use is fairly simple and straightforward.Take the sensor pad that comes with the alarm and put it on the mattress that’s being used.Place a fitted bed sheet over t …

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