Posted by NursingHomeAids on 6th Dec 2018

What is a Bed Alarm

Bed Alarm consists of a weight sensitive Pad and an Alarm (or Monitor).  The Pads come in various sizes with the most popular size 20 inches by 30 inches.  (Ten inches by 30 is the 2nd most popular size).  The pad is inserted under the patients shoulder/back area - and when pressure is relieved (patient exits the pad), a signal is sent to the alarm and it sounds.  The alarm can be corded (cord attached to the alarm from the pad) or, wireless.  There are many variations of the alarm.  Most alarms have volume controls - and use 'tones' rather than a 'siren' sound.  Specialty alarms can offer recorded messages by the caregiver for a more personal alert.

The primary use of the Bed Alarm is the alert the caregiver that the patient is 'getting up' from bed and may need assistance to avoid a fall.  They can be very effective when used in home settings - especially during the night when falls often happen.