Complete Motion Sensor to Wireless Pager System (Stand Alone)

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 Just take it out of the box and use

 Cordless Wireless Motion Sensor and Pager Package (Stand-Alone System)

Motion Sensor "talks" directly to the Caregiver Pager (one-on-one)

One-to-one Motion Paging System allows you to eliminate in-room alarm noise.  Motion sensor is placed in a doorway or by the bedside and when motion is detected a wireless signal is sent to the caregiver pager.

The Smart Caregiver TL-5102MP Caregiver Pager With Bed Exit Alarm for the elderly alerts the caregiver of the resident’s activity via pager when a resident is about to get up from bed, chair or leaves the room.  This simple system comes with one bed exit alarm and one caregiver Pager has an audible alert and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt.  This Bed Exit Alarm Paging System alerts the caregiver wearing the pager of a resident's activities when the resident interrupts the Exit Alarm's infrared field, as long as the are within 150 feet of each other depending on the environment.  The Exit Alarm may be mounted next to a bed to indicate when a resident arises, or by a doorway to indicate when a resident is approaching the doorway.  This system comes with a 90 day warranty.

 No Noise in Room!

 The silent resident Motion Sensor Exit Alarm eliminates noise at the bedside or in room, that may be bothersome to residents instead only alerting the caregiver through the pager.

Caregiver alerted by pager: 

The Smart Caregiver TL-5102MP Caregiver Pager With Motion Sensor Alarm for the elderly alerts the caregiver of the resident’s activity via pager when a resident is about to get up from bed, chair or leave the room.

This two-piece system reduces noise in homes and facilities by eliminating in-room alarm noise. This small monitor/pager has a detecting area to report movement when the passive infrared field is interrupted. Instead of sounding an alarm next to the patient, the motion sensor sends a wireless signal to a pager carried by the caregiver (clipped to a belt or inside a pocket). This allows the caregiver to be notified wherever they are without disturbing residents. When your patient gets up to move about or exit the room, they cross the motion sensor's field. A silent signal is sent to the pager, which can be worn by the caregiver or placed on a counter or bedside table. When the pager receives the signal, you have your choice of hearing a chime or a brief tune. The motion sensor itself is silent. A great way to monitor without disturbing everyone in the house!  The motion sensor may be mounted at a bedside or by a doorway or any area that the caregiver would like to monitorThis wireless motion sensor has a detecting area to report movement within the infrared field.   The pager not only will sound but a red light will blink on the caregiver pager. Maintain effective awareness of resident activities without the use of pressure pads, floor mats or pull-string devices.  AC Adapter is recommended  to plug into house current.  The monitors has a battery backup in case of power failure

*This product is not advised in homes where cats or dogs roam freely as they will set off the pager if they enter the beam.  Insert batteries and you are ready to use!

  • Wireless passive motion sensor operates on three AA batteries(included)
  • Pocket sized Pager - Easy to carry - operates on two AA batteries (included)
  • Eliminate in-room alarm noise! Quiet - No alarming Monitors
  • Audible Caregiver Alert
  • AC-04 adapter (optional)
  •  Backup battery
  • Cordless Operation  No hard wiring between monitor and motion sensor
  • Eliminate In-Room Alarm Noise  Monitors may be placed outside resident’s rooms and the alert volume is adjustable
  • Chime alert
  • Adjustable alert volume, Use for bedsides, hallways and doorways
  • Easy to set up – it’s ready to use
  • Range up to 300 feet
  • 90 day warranty 


 TL-5102MP Package Contents:

  • 1 Caregiver Pager (batteries included)
  • 1 Bed Exit Alarm (batteries included)
  • 2 Screws
  • 2 Double Stick Tape Strips



This product is warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of purchased. Warranty void if this product is misused, abused or punctured. Wipe clean by using disinfectant wipes or anti-bacterial cleaner.