Smart Light Socket 433-SO

Smart Caregiver
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Smart Light Socket by Smart Caregiver 433-SO

The Smart Light Outlet will turn on a light when triggered by a paired Cordless Sensor Device (i.e. bed pad, chair pad or floor mat) and can be integrated with the 433-Central Monitoring System for remote monitoring. 

Use with Smart cordless pads and floor mats - The Smart Outlet will turn on a light when weight is removed from a bed or chair sensor pad or when weight is placed on floor mat or landing mat.

Lights turn on to reduce tripping hazards.  The Smart Outlet allows you to plug in an standard lamp or light source to create a safer environment by providing light when someone gets out of bed.

  • Immediately lights up room upon activation
  • Cord Free Operation
  • Turns light on when resident gets up
  • Works with Cordless sensor pads and floor mats

The Smart Light only works if you have an existing bed or chair sensor pad, or floor mat with a 433EC monitor or 433-Central Monitoring System.