Easy Release Antimicrobial Wheelchair Seat Belt

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TL-2109 Easy Release Antimicrobial Wheel Chair Seat Belt

(Adjustable from 20" to 54")

Fall Prevention Wheelchair Seat Belts reduce falls by triggering a fall monitor when the TL-2109 “One-Finger” easy release buckle is unbuckled.  Fall Prevention Seat Belts are for use with the TL-2100 Series Fall Prevention Monitors. The “One-Finger” easy release buckle preserves resident’s freedom of movement by not acting as a restraint.

Fall Prevention Wheelchair Seat Belts work with a standard fall monitor mounted to the chair, but can also be set up as a wireless system that signals a caregiver pager or central monitor. When used with a Wireless Fall Monitor (TL-2016), seat belts trigger the Wireless Fall Monitor to signal to a caregiver pager (TL-2016P) directly, with no central monitor required. For facilities that prefer central monitoring, the Wireless Fall Monitor can signal the Central Monitor Unit (TL-2015R2), informing the caregiver of which resident’s seat belt was opened.

The Wheelchair Seat Belt’s metal-reinforced ends make installation easy and secure. The Fall Prevention Wheelchair Seat Belts are adjustable up to 54” and longer Seat Belts are available by special order.

• Buckle Seat Belt for Wheelchair
• Adjustable belt: 20" to 54"                           
• Non-Restraint
• Large red button is easy to locate
• Metal ends for secure installation
• Easy to install and use
• 1-Year Warranty 

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Compatible/Use with:   
 Safety Auto-Reset Monitor (TL-2100S)
Change Pad Indicator Monitor (TL-2100CP)
Economy Monitor (TL-2100E)
Basic Fall Monitor (TL-2100B)
Wireless Fall Monitor (TL-2016R)
Dual Pull-String & Bed-Exit Voice Recordable Monitor (TL-3100V) 

Seat Belts are not designed to restrain or hold individuals in position in their chairs.

1 year warranty